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P-LIGHT Complaint Form

Here you can download complaint and warranty documents.

Complaint and warranty routine/process

1. Notifiers/customer fills in complaint notification.
2. Complaint notification and advertised product was submitted to InnoNet.
3. Complaint case is documented and imposed a complaint number by InnoNet.
4. InnoNet support makes an assessment of the complaint.
5. Complaint is approved or rejected .
6. If the complaint is approved, the notification/customer will be replaced by an equivalent product if the warranty conditions are otherwise met.
7. If the source of error cannot be fully determined but requires a more thorough investigation, u
an article for notifiers , however, he is even billed with information that
the notifier after the further investigation of the article and damage and in the event of then approved complaint, the notifier is credited
8. Further investigation – in cases where InnoNet cannot clarify the cause of error and it can be assumed
that the error source is based on article/product delivered from the subcontractor, article is sent to the concerned subcontractor for more thorough investigation together with a copy of InnoNet's complaint notification and other for the relevant information case.
9. If such an investigation shows that any investigation. error/injury is to be derived to subcontractor s
claims are made to the subcontractor from InnoNet.
10. Complaints and warranty cases documented with notification , attachments amt
conclusion compilation document within InnoNet's deviation surfacetem.

Instruction regarding inspection photos for complaint documentation P-LIGHT

In addition to the complaint document, the following photos of advertised articles shall be taken and attached to complaint cases:

Photo of injury/injuries
1. Photos showing inside P-LIGHT box
2. Photo of controller/electronics card
3. Photo of cabling incl. plint connection
4. Photo of battery devices
5. Photo of serial number
6. Other for complaint notification important photo

PDF Complaint Form SwedishPDF Warranty and service EnglishPDF Takuu- & huoltokäsittelyn perustiedot