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P-LIGHT battery pack

P-LIGHT battery pack

The P-LIGHT Battery Pack is 24V with 2 12V batteries connected in series and available from 18 to 200Ah. When connecting batteries in series, they must be of the same size, quality and age. When changing the battery, always change both batteries.

P-LIGHT Batteries are very good operating batteries of AGM type specially developed for and together with P-LIGHT and for operation of equipment on vehicles and after vehicles, have many charge cycles that provide reliability and long life.

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Normally, charging of the P-LIGHT Battery Pack is done by a built-in intelligent charger in the P-LIGHT controller(s).

External charging
In the case of external charging, cross-charging should be done, by which is meant that you put
plus on one battery and minus on the other - then the charge goes through both batteries and is charged simultaneously. Charging should be done with A up to 20% of the size of the battery bank.

For example, 18Ah with >5A, 45Ah with >10A, 150Ah with >30A and 200Ah with >40A charging.

NOTE! If the error code C11 or CC1 has been shown in the display and external charging is done, the error code will be shown again. To restart the charger, about 5 minutes of voltage is required on the incoming pins 4 and 6 of the control unit (truck connected and lights on).